Spoils to the Agile

The biggest AEC firms have the most seats and are the earliest and biggest adopters of BIM. Soon though the playing field will level off when the majority of qualifying firms play and victory will go not to the biggest but to the most agile. While it normally implies the ability to change the body’s position efficiently (dogs display agility skills,) in business, agility is the ability of quickly and cost-effectively adapting to changes –such as technology, business and firm culture changes that the introduction of BIM produces.

Headlines such as “BIM adoption rate exceeds 80% among nation’s largest AEC firms” aren’t helpful when they refuse to define the terms (1 unopened box of software = 1 seat = adoption?) In the years ahead it will be the Jack firms (nimble and quick) that rule the Giants. Quick and nimble will beat out big. Big 0, Agile 1. Agility Wins!


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