BIM Organizations

Most agree that BIM’s best and highest use is as a collaborative tool and process, one  that can have a profound impact on any firm that adopts the new  technology.

The past 15 years has given us the Internet Revolution, e-commerce, and e-business. When firms were first adopting to the new technology they would sometimes be referred to as e-organizations – or e-org – for short.

And so with the advent of BIM into the workforce I wonder if it would be useful to distinguish firms that have taken-on the new technology as BIM organization, B-org or borg for short?

So think of this as a borg blog.

Just as online companies like didn’t exist 20 years ago, one can almost imagine the adoption and successful implementation of BIM – in all its glorious dimensions – to cause a firm to become a borg (BIM organization.) CAD never had this kind of impact on design firms. BIM – when used collaboratively – may have the sort of transformative power required to create an entirely new organization out of an existing practice. Practices that are distinct in a number of profound ways from traditional organizations. What do you think?


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  1. I agree that BIM is one of the things that is going to dramatically change the way that buildings are made.

    It is the organisations that move with the times, make smart choices, and are fluid that are going to be the winners in this new industry. It may be better to consider that this IS a new industry and that traditional practitioners are uniquely placed to take advantage of it. However, not taking advantage will leave the spoils to younger, less experienced practitioners or worse, other new entrants maybe from less relevant disciplinary backgrounds.

    This is an exciting time for architects if we would only embrace it. There is less and less room for traditional arrogance.

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